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The law and its associated procedures are complex. We understand that (believe us given how long we have worked to get here). We also understand that not everyone can understand that complexity or the nuances of the Civil Procedure Rules or what security of tenure means. Consequently, what we at Southall Hathaway & Co try and do is simply that complexity for you, our client. We don't believe in the use of fancy legal jargon or latin phrases because that just makes us sound pompous. We much prefer plain English so that you, our client, understand what we are saying. We are happy to take the time to clarify matters so that you are able to make an informed decision on how to progress your matter.

It is our business to take away your stresses and concerns and progress your matter to a satisfactory conclusion whatever that may be.

What Makes Us Different?


Despite what may be found online, the law is not easy to understand. The law is complex. It can change on a day to day basis (subject to the cases being heard in Court) and so, it is important to keep abreast of changes. It is for that reason as a business owner, you want a pro-active, straight talking law firm. We think that this is us. If you are involved in a dispute, you want to register or exploit your Intellectual Property Rights or you are involved in commercial property or you have construction matter, Southall Hathaway & Co LLP can assist your every need



As a commercial firm, we only offer 4 key areas of commercial law – Commercial Property, Commercial Advisory & Dispute Resolution (including Insolvency and Intellectual Property) Sports law and Construction and Adjudication (contentious and non-contentious). If you have a different legal need, we are happy to make an appropriate recommendation for you.


Being different to other firms. We pride ourselves on talking to clients rather than at clients, by simplifying the law, by being transparent with our prices and importantly, being personable. We understand how busy life is and so we try to accommodate for all our clients needs. We utilise technology to enable us to be accessible when you need us.


Advocacy at all levels of the Court, Domestic and International litigation, International Agreements, Construction and Adjudication, Tax and Trust Disputes, Exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights and Sporting Contracts.

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Whatever the nature of your construction development, it is important to ensure that you have ticked all the boxes in respect of the contract (whether simple, bespoke or standard) or the cost budget is in line with what you anticipate it to be or whether you are in a dispute

We combine key sector knowledge, commercial focus and the highest technical ability to provide our clients with unparalleled service. We have experience of acting for property developers, retailers, wholesalers, hotel and leisure operators, FMCG operators, the healthcare sector and construction industries. Our team advises on all aspects of commercial property

Whether we like it or not, this is not a perfect world and so, during the course of business, invariably a dispute will arise. At Southall Hathaway & Co, we understand that your time, your preference and importantly, your money is better spent on running and developing your business and

There are very few matters that are not capable of resolution without the Court’s involvement. Given the subsequent cost and risk of utilising the Court process in England and Wales [because we have an adversarial system and so, the successful party is entitled to recover their reasonable legal fees from

As a business, you shouldn’t underestimate the significance of IPR – in many cases your IPR can become a valuable business asset. Certain IPR has the ability to be exploited to help raise further finance (from the Bank or other external investors) as opposed to potentially having to provide a

Whatever may be said of insolvency, it is an unfortunate outcome that businesses and individuals alike can often suffer. The simple test for insolvency [whether as a company or an individual] is whether or not you are able to meet your debts as and when they fall due. If the

Sports law is an amalgamation of laws that apply to athletes and the sports that they play. More often than not, Sports law is conceived to be the “glamourous” area of law and it is still growing and developing because it isn’t a bespoke, single ‘task’. As a Sports lawyer,

Simply put, we are bespoke specialist law firm
in the heart of Leicester.


"It may go without saying that you would expect a solicitor to offer professional advice, but Jason has the unusual skill of being able to combine this with an infectious sense of enthusiasm for business and a real understanding of what it is like to run your own business." -


"I have worked with Stuart for years now and I know he specialises in Intellectual Property cases. Stuart is the kind of person who when you call to chase him for something, he’s already done it – he handles things very quickly and effectively. What’s more, he thinks ahead and sees the potential pitfalls before they arise, so that if they do we’ve already got a plan in place to deal with it."


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