Thank you for visiting this website. Unfortunately, Southall Hathaway & Co LLP ceased trading on 28 February 2020. All client files have subsequently been moved out of Southall Hathaway & Co LLP with the lawyer who previously had care and conduct. For all enquiries, please email [email protected] or telephone 07421009132.

Thank you for your interest and instructions across the last couple of years. 


Southall Hathaway & Co LLP is a specialist law firm based in Leicester and Central London that provides legal advice to clients based across England and Wales and internationally. We are very much a modern day law firm that embraces current technology however, our ethos and approach emanate from traditional law firms. Our relationships are key - whether they are relationships with clients, staff or other professionals, they all assist in developing Southall Hathaway & Co LLP into a modern, vibrant commercial practice.

We won't lie. We are not a firm like the well known heavyweights. For good reason, those firms are leading practices with great people who work for them. Many of our team have been there and done that. Unless you, as a client, are an extremely well established national or multi-national business with significant legal funds (and let's face it, not all businesses are) it is possible that these firms, despite being so great, are necessarily for you. Anyway, we don't think that clients need another practice like those greats - we think that clients want a proactive firm that is reasonably priced, that does a good job and understands their needs. We believe that this is us!

We are new. We accept this. Given our age, we have the ability to adapt whilst we work towards our goal and so, whilst our approach may change, our goal doesn't. What is that goal - well, we want to be one of the leading commercial boutique law firms, not only in the Midlands but the entirety of England and Wales. In our first 18 months of practice, we invested time in establishing our Central London office, associate practices in Washington DC, New York City and Eastern Europe whilst establishing a link on the African continent. This helps us service our clients needs, where ever they are in the world.

Why use Southall Hathaway & Co? We deliberately limit the services we offer our clients. This is so that we can specialise and be the best lawyers that we can be. Although our advice can only ever be related to the law, we don’t stop there. We want to add value to you, both as a business and as our client. Where it is possible for us to do so, we recognise commercial opportunities which may well complement your business and if that opportunity works for you, we do all we can to make it bear fruition.

One of our key mantra’s is longevity. We want you, as our client, to be a client for a long time. We want to understand your business as it is now but importantly, what it could be. As a business, you have to evolve to ‘stay in the game and be better than your competitors‘ and this is no different for us as lawyers. The law is complex but as lawyers, we want to simplify it. By understanding your business and what is important to you, this enables us to offer sound, pragmatic, commercial advice and answers to the plethora of complex questions you may have.

We want our rapport and relationship with you, our client, to be as important to you as it is to us.

Our lawyers only specialise in domestic and international Commercial & Chancery litigation (within which they do breach of Contract, Shareholder Disputes, Intellectual Property and Insolvency), Commercial Property and Sports law. If you have an enquiry relating to a matter outside of these disciplines, we will gladly assist you in identifying a practice that can assist you.

The team that we have here at Southall Hathaway & Co makes us proud. Our reputation and perception is nearly as important as the advice we provide. Our aim is to march forward to get better and as we get better, we hope that our reputation precedes us.