Whilst the world has always found a way to trade together, today's world is much more global and connected. In fact, we are always connected due to the internet or mediums such as Zoom or Skype and this helps commerce happen. Whilst it would be a lot easier to have a uniformed "one size fits all" approach for providing your services, unfortunately business doesn't always work in this way - different jurisdictions will require different legislative approaches.

Whilst we have a team member that holds a Presidential Warrant to practice in Malta, to enable us to properly service our clients' needs we have established a network of law firms who operate on an identical ethos to that of Southall Hathaway & Co LLP (that we speak in clear concise terms, that we offer practical advice alongside our legal advice and that we are transparent on our fees)  and so, we have no hesitation in recommending those firms. Due to this network, our clients are able to benefit from advice relating to the laws of Washington DC, New York state and US Federal matters as well as a firm that covers 5 member states of Eastern Europe.

If you, as our client, need assistance in one of these jurisdictions, then these firms act in the same manner as Southall Hathaway & Co LLP. Even when we are not directly instructed (because it requires a different jurisdiction), we will always be involved (if you want us to be). We will happily liaise with you and those law firms to ensure that you understand what is going on and what the law states (in that jurisdiction). Consequently, when we make a referral to one of our partners, we are confident that the service you receive will be the same as if we were us doing it for you.