Whatever the nature of your construction development, it is important to ensure that you have ticked all the boxes in respect of the contract (whether simple, bespoke or standard) or the cost budget is in line with what you anticipate it to be or whether you are in a dispute and you need to know the merits of that claim (whether defending or bringing the action) because the failure to do so may well cause the project to be delayed or not completed - both of which may well end up costing you more money!

The team at Southall Hathaway & Co LLP are happy to assist in this regard. The lead team member in this area has over 36 years worth of experience as an Engineer, Expert, Legal Adviser and Adjudicator.

When embarking on a construction project, whatever your standing in that project, it is important to ensure that your position is clear. The best way to do this is to ensure that you have properly recorded and evidenced that position (whether in a simple, bespoke or standard contract). Failure to do so may well result in a dispute arising and that dispute may well cost you more than the cost of having a contract reviewed and/or prepared. Whilst important, contracts are not the only things that are needed in construction. You need to have project management skills, cost control & budgeting, estimating and tendering, infrastructure and structural design advice and management skills.

Due to the joining of an incredibly experienced team member, Southall Hathaway & Co LLP are now able to offer these services and we would be delighted to assist you in the above and further matters that arise as a consequence.

Services offered by the team include (but are not limited to):

  • Construction Dispute Resolution;
  • Adjudication & Arbitration;
  • Claim Assessment;
  • Cost Budgeting;
  • Estimating and Tendering;
  • Infrastructure and Structural Design Services;
  • Management services

Whenever a dispute arises, the same can be bad for business not least because of the time associated with a dispute but the financial and management cost associated with being in a dispute. Even if you win, there is no guarantee that you will actually win (because the ability to enforce a Judgment is dependent upon the other party's ability to pay) and so, it is imperative to 'box smart' when involved in a dispute. We at Southall Hathaway & Co LLP use our knowledge of the Court process, the construction industry and combine that with practical solutions and common sense in order to try and resolve the dispute as quickly and as effectively as possible.

We have experience of the High Court for construction matters or alternatively, the Adjudication process (which is quicker but a costs front loaded exercise) as a means of resolving matters.

Please contact us to find out more about the services that we can offer you.

Closely linked to dispute resolution, sometimes you can just find yourself embroiled in a dispute. Whilst of course, everyone wants to fight their corner and not capitulate, to fight a losing battle is often far worse than adopting a pragmatic and commercial approach to the resolution of a matter. Consequently, it is important to understand what the merits of your position are before the dispute gets too vast. Consequently, we at Southall Hathaway & Co LLP offer a claim assessment service to enable you to know whether or not you are rightly defending or bringing an action or whether or not you should just explore an alternative means of resolving the dispute.

Adjudication is a formally recognised form of dispute resolution. It is a formal process with an independent jointly appointed adjudicator (who acts like a Judge) determining the dispute. The process can be considerably quicker than exploring a resolution through the Court although as a trade off, the adjudication exercise is often "costs front loaded".

The team at Southall Hathaway & Co LLP has experience of representing parties in Adjudications, offering expert opinion on matters and sitting as an Adjudicator.